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By BarcelonaCompanions, Mar 23 2019 09:38AM

Discretion is a very important factor to care about when meeting high class escorts, to ensure yourself an adequate privacy level, we give you some simple recommendations to follow when meeting with a VIP Barcelona escort.

CLEAR YOUR INTERNET HISTORY & CACHE – You can use private browsing with google chrome, press Ctrl+shift+N.

GET A SIM FOR BOOKING ESCORTS – A prepaid sim card can be left in your desk at work, sticky-taped in your top draw. Prepaid sims cost next to nothing, add credit with cash so nothing shows up on your credit card statement.

SET UP A SEPARATE EMAIL ACCOUNT – Gmail is easy to use & make sure you always logout & clear the history once you have used it. Make sure the accounts are not linked to your real life accounts. Delete any emails that aren’t pertinent to current bookings – if you forget to logout at least there isn’t 25 emails of bookings you have made, perhaps just 1 enquiry.

SET BOUNDARIES WHEN YOU BOOK – If you SMS a lady or an agency add your boundaries to the SMS “please get back to me between 9am & 5pm only and not outside these times’ then the escort or the agency knows what to do & won’t SMS you when you are sitting down to dinner with the family If you call then tell them ‘please don’t phone me outside of these hours’ and if they do and you need to answer say ‘sorry you have the wrong number’ – an escort or agency will understand if you can’t talk at a specific time.

PAY IN CASH – paying with a credit card is convenient but if the credit card statement comes home or businesss information on that can get you into hot water – An obscure CC amount could get you questioned so keep it to cash to save yourself a possible uncomfortable discussion. Buying a bottle of wine, flowers or even something to eat on your way to your meeting could arise suspicions if it’s seen on your bank statement. Even if it does not significantly influence your balance it still may be noticed.

BE BANKING SMART – for most gents, an escort fee is a serious chunk of change – Withdrawing cash from a joint account can get you in hot water. Consider making numerous smaller withdrawals in the lead up to your escort meeting or even setting up a private account that only you know about.

DON’T ATTRACT ATTENTION TO YOURSELF – If you are going to an incall, be quiet in the lobby and hallways. Ask questions before you get there so you know where you are going and the procedure of what will occur when you get to an incall location. Also, you never know who is staying in that place or who lives in the neighbourhood. Hotel outcall meetings are usually much more discreet.

KEEP YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION TO YOURSELF – when you are telling an escort all your personal information you had better hope that she is discreet about it. Most of ladies do not repeat information but not all escorts will keep your private information private.

KEEP QUIET TO YOUR MATES – If you feel the need to boast to your mates, don’t! Not everyone will agree with your choices and may tell others. Keep the details to yourself and you are ensured discretion.

NEVER SHOW UP TO AN ESCORTS INCALL UNANNOUNCED – You may think it’s a delightful surprise but it’s not! Don’t leave gifts with her building concierge or send her flowers. Respect an escorts privacy as you expect her to respect yours. She has a life outside of seeing you and she may be with family or friends. The only time you should go to an incall is at the designated time you have booked.

DON’T’ BE EARLY FOR A MEETING – Elite companions are ready at the time of the meeting, very rarely are they ready until that time so you will be sitting in a lobby or outside an apartment block which can look suspicious.

DON’T GOSSIP – When you meet one lady don’t discuss other VIP companions you have met. It’s rude, its unnecessary and if the rumour causes hurt or upset you may end up with a scorned woman who wants to cause you pain just as you have done to her. Escorts are human beings with feelings and gossip can be very cutting and damaging to a ladies reputation & Escort Business. So just don’t do it!

By BarcelonaCompanions, Dec 6 2018 09:05AM

Being successful and making a good income are very temporal for an escort, and very susceptible to fluctuation.

Even when VIP companions can be successful for a period of time, it does not mean they are necessarily successful with clients nor does it mean they are promised a successful future. 

There are a lot of escorts who may appear to be ‘successful’ for the moment, yet what outsiders do not see is that, behind the scenes, she may very well have little prospects for the future.

First of all, being a successful Barcelona companion means to be discreet, sophisticated and well-mannered all the times, a VIP client will never be attracted by someone who acts impolite or rude, your positive and respectful attitude is everything when it comes to have a successful date! 

Working towards an alternative career while making an extra income as a VIP escort is the key, because this equates to long term success in a more emotionally wholesome environment.

Meeting elegant people and enjoying shopping, gifts, tips, exotic vacations, etc. can be exciting, but you must also think about your future too, and set up clear goals and objectives, see the extra income you earn as a tool to start a business, improve your studies or make other investments. 

Don’t forget that even your regular clients or “sugar daddies” will never last forever and some day he will end up meeting someone else or simply ending the relationship, having alternative income sources is very important! 

Short-term goals of making fast-money often have negative implications, physically and mentally. Working too frequently will make your experiences with clients more rigid, and therefore your chances of establishing wholesome, regular clientele will be stipulated. Once a model can become established as an independent or agency companion, I recommend working less at higher rates to a select clientele. And finally, I stress the importance of balancing one’s life with clients and other things they enjoy (outside of their work).

I should also note that many ‘high-class’ escorts give off the facade of wealth/luxury, when in reality they are spending all of their income on designer goods to promote their image. She might be carrying Chanel bags, but it doesn’t imply she’s successful or wealthy. 
Ironically, the rule I learnt from my observations is that anyone who makes tremendous effort to boast of their ‘success’ or material gains is, in fact, using boasting to mask their deep insecurities and low self-esteem.

A successful escort is one who is moderate in her spending and humble; she saves a lot or invests into a home and/or education, because she’s mindful that she will not be an escort companion forever.

Many high class escorts are often working at multiple rate scales and in many agencies or other websites. This is a big mistake if you want to truly succeed as a high class companion, truly VIP clients are wiling to meet only exclusive companions and they will hesitate to book you and complain if they see you advertised elsewhere with different prices.

The difference in price is not always reflective of the quality of the girl, but rather it is simply marketing and the overall economics of the particular city. However, quality can exist. There are women who set their rates higher than average, and can provide a more ‘quality’ experience as they are more selective with their clientele.

By BarcelonaCompanions, Oct 13 2018 11:46PM

If you are considering Escort Agency Representation please read our Escort Agency Advice on how to choose an agency & questions to ask at your interview

Being an independent escort can be challenging so many ladies opt to be represented by an Escort Agency

However, not all agencies are what they say they are. While some may be a great support to you, others may take advantage

As with all businesses there are good & bad. Some agencies are run well and function as a regular business whereas some are set up with the sole purpose of cheating escorts and lining the pocket of the agency owner with as much money as possible

In the 15 years we have been in operation we have heard plenty of crap stories about bad agencies. Ladies paying high joining fees, being ripped off with credit card transactions, paying ridiculous fines and bonds; and the list goes on…

There is also plenty of lovely agencies where ladies are treated with respect, mentored & helped to make a great income without the hassle or costs of being an independent escort

When looking for an agency to join, do your research

If an agency tells you something that sounds too good to be true – it probably is

A reputable agency usually requires you to meet for an in-person or phone interview if they don't have their offices near you. If an agency doesn’t suggest such a meeting; ask for one. An interview will give you a good feel for the people you may end up working with. This is an opportunity for you to interview the agency too. If you suspect your interviewer is lying about the agency benefits, trust your gut and move on

From the answers you receive at your interview, you will be able to determine if it’s a good fit for you or if you should continue looking for another prospect

Ask questions at your interview; go with a list so you don’t forget anything that is important to you, here’s a quick checklist and explanations for each question:

How much will I be paid?

You may have seen an ad online saying you can $30k+ a month; it’s possible but not very likely. Escorts sometimes make that kind of money but very rarely. Escorting is not a get rich quick scheme, you have to work at it

Ask if there is set rates or if you can choose your own rate

Ask what fees are charged by the agency & how the agency receives payment

Agency fees usually fluctuate from 20% to 40% so shop around & see what options are out there for you

How do I get paid?

Enquire about payment methods; if the agency takes the money & pays you then it’s probably best to walk away – You may never see the money you have earnt

If the agency takes credit cards then ask how you will receive the money and how long it takes for you to receive the funds. Also ask what happens with any chargebacks (if a charge is cancelled by the card owner or the bank cancels the transaction as the card is stolen)

Are there any additional costs I need to cover?

Agencies all have different guidelines for the things that escorts must pay for themselves. You will always need to have your own clothes & shoes but some agencies will expect you to pay for a shopping trip to start with them; or expect you to wear high end & very expensive designer clothing, lingerie & shoes

Some will expect you to pay for your own marketing & ads on top of the agency fees

Do you pay for your own transport or is it paid by the client in addition to your fee; Do you need to pay an agency driver

If any agency attempts to charge fees anything not directly related to escorting; legal fee to draw up a contract; it may be a sign of a scam.

It’s essential to ask about all so you know exactly where you stand and you can make an informed decision

What is the agency policy with photos?

Some agencies will use the photos you give them. Some will pay fully for your photos, some will pay a portion of the cost. Others may expect you to go to their photographer who could cost anywhere from 300 to 500€. If you are not using your own photos, ask who will own the new photos after they are taken

How are schedules handled?

All agencies handle scheduling differently. Some agencies have strict policies with set shift hours, set number of shifts or a Roster you must adhere too

Some will allow a lot of flexibility, others none at all. Time off to recharge is important but some agencies simply don’t care and will push a gruelling schedule of day-after-day appointments

How much notice you get with appointments. If you can’t get to an appointment in time is there any recourse

Does the agency have a regular client base?

If an agency boasts to you that they have more clients than anyone else, their girls are all booked out all day every day and in desperate need of good escorts be careful. This is a tried and true scam that some agencies have pulled on unsuspecting escorts who want to get rich quick

A well-managed reputable agency will have regular clients but nobody can predict how a new girl will be received. An experienced agency may have an idea if their regular clients may enjoy your company but there is no guarantee

Have there been any problem clients and what does the agency do if I find myself in a bad situation

Some agencies put your safety & happiness ahead of them making money; some don’t

Ask about the background of the Agency & the staff working at the agency

While some new agencies can be innovative & enthusiastic; generally the older agencies will have the client base & reputation you need to succeed in a competitive market

Most agencies who have been around a year or more will have online reviews on one of the various review sites about the agency & also the ladies.

Read both the agency reviews & the ladies reviews for tell-tale signs that ladies are unhappy or working under duress

Agency ladies reviews will show the date the review was posted; if an agency has ladies that have been at the same place for years, it may be a good sign. Girls lasting only a short time may mean the opposite

Do you have a say over what goes into your profile & promotion?

Another must ask question; you don’t want to find out after your photoshoot that your full face must be on the website. Also ask about face photos or selfies being shown to clients or on social media

Can you work via your own ads, work with multiple agencies or are you expected to be exclusive

Many agencies have strict policies about exclusivity. If you previously worked privately you may be asked to refer your private clients to the agency. Be honest if you are advertising anywhere, on other agencies, sugar daddy sites etc; Honesty is the best policy. A lot of agencies will have price guarantees so clients will point out ads to get better rates

Do I need to sign a contract?

If an agency tries to force you to sign a contract on the spot, be careful. You could be locked into something that you may regret

If there is a contract read over it over it & if you are unsure if you should sign it consult a lawyer

Take your time to decide if the agency is the right one for you; if you have any doubts continue interviewing with other agencies; you will know the right agency when you come across them.

By BarcelonaCompanions, Aug 3 2018 03:43AM

When we hire the Barcelona escorts service there are a lot of key points to bear in mind. Generally, clients would be interested more in the price, the escort’s service and, of course, the girl. Apart from that, the client will want to choose an escort depending on their nationality, sizes, opinions about them...

One of the most important characteristics in order to hire and to date with an escort is also the place. It will depend on the escort because each one of them will offer one place or another.

In the case of VIP Barcelona escorts, they will have a wide flexibility to arrange a place to date. There is a wide range of possibilities to meet. The most typical place to date is their flat. This is the most common place to arrange a meeting, this occurs because it is the place where escorts have more security and they feel more comfortable. It is also comfortable for the client because he or she meets in another place that it is not his or her habitual place, so that there would be less possibilities that someone discovers he or she is on a secret date.

The escort’s flat or apartment is a nice, clean place. It will smell like scent of a woman, it also will dispose a nice decoration, beds, showers and sofas, all prepared only for the date. The reception will be agreeable, she will take care of the client, most of them will greet the client with a glass of champagne or they will open the door wearing sexy underwear.

The hotel is another common place to date. The most common case is during business trips. The client take advantage of his or her night in the hotel to hire an elite Barcelona escort. The escort spends the night in that hotel and exchanges with the client a new and grateful experience. It is also common to date during important conferences or fairs. In those situations there are a lot of businessmen who are far away from home and they want company and fun.

The client’s house is the most uncommon place to date. Barcelona call girls do not usually like to go there, at least in the first date. It is because of the lack of trust that they do not want to meet in their houses. Escorts will only go there if she or he feels secure and if it is a veteran client. It is also a difficult issue for clients to date in their own house because their neighbors or others can see him or her dating with an escort.

In which place would you be glad to date?